Ozone generator for the sanitization of environments

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Sany Ozon

Sany Ozon has been designed and built for professional use, the frame entirely in stainless steel and the surface discharge technology make it the most performing of our line, it adapts in fact to all the uses where a strong disinfection and is ideal for medium to large rooms up to 350 m3.

The efficiency of the ozone supply is guaranteed by the three surface discharge ceramic generators, whose stainless steel electrodes work at a voltage of 7500 V, and by the two high efficiency internal fans.

The device implements a timer that allows the programming of two periods defined as “work time” corresponding to the time the machine works and produces ozone and “pause time” which defines the time that elapses between a period “work time” and the next . These periods are programmable between 1 minute and 24 hours with one minute resolution.

100% Made in Italy

Technical specifications

  • Power supply voltage: 230Vac

  • Absorbed current: 0.78A
  • Total power: 180W
  • Operating temperature: 10/30° C

  • Operating humidity: less then 70%
  • Storage temperature: 5/45 ° C
  • Storage humidity: Max 80% without condensation


  • Height: 27 cm
  • Width: 16 cm
  • Depth: 39 cm
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Body: 316 stainless steel
  • HT arresters: 7.5 KV
  • Hourly ozone production: 15g Max
  • Ozone concentration: 40ppm
  • Internal fans: 2x 1202×40 at 230Vac
  • Air volume: 200m3 / h
  • Air outlet speed: 1 m / sec.

Package contents

  • n.1 Active-O Maxi
  • n.1 Power cable
  • n. 1 User manual