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This is a new concept generator equipped with software for programming all medical oxygen-ozone therapy treatments and provided with a vacuum pump for topical applications (optional). Intelligent innovation combines practicality of use with multiple technical safety features, required by current legislation to deal with any legal medical problems.
The generator is built into a tabletop case butcan also be stowed in a convenient carrying case.

Technical specifications

  • Concentrations adjustable from 0 to 100 Hgr / ml
  • Patented differential digital photometer (patent n.202015000086653) which checks the delivered concentration in real time
  • The software constantly monitors all device parameters by several sensors
  • Automatic washing of the entire pneumatic circuit before and after treatment
  • Equipped with the patented system called “Check Valve” (pat. No. 2015U00004), for the withdrawal of the gas mixture in absolute sterility. This system has been adopted to protect the operator from any legal medical dispute
  • Automatic stand-by after 30 minutes of continuous operation
  • Self-diagnosis with visualization of any malfunction and when to do periodic maintenance
  • Automatic shutdown in case of temperature increase
  • All the materials used are ozone resistant
  • The generator is supplied with a two-stage automatic pressure reducer for cylinders
  • Power supply 220/230 Vac
  • Dimensions: cm. H 13 x W30 x L52
  • Weight:
    Kg.10 without vacuum pump
    Kg.12 with vacuum pump
  • 24 month warranty


The new Ozone Active Midi generator for oxygen-ozone medical therapy is the result of a thirty years of experience achieved by Medica srl Italy in this sector. Our ability to construct and assemble handmade ozone generators has gradually evolved through a continuous interaction and acknowledgment with major Italian universities and hospitals. This know-how has built to the extent where now we are proud to say that Ozone Active Midi is the maximum technological expression when it comes to ozone generators. A true technological gem that brings our experience to the professionals that utilize ozone therapy.
The sophisticated security and precision systems built-in the “Ozone Active Midi” generator make it a last generation device capable of absolute reliability.

Technical specifications

Dimensions in cm: width 55, depth 37, height with closed case 18, with open case 48. Weight Kg. 12.5.
Variables concentrations 0- 40 ugr/ml.
Equipped with patented photometer (N. 202015000086653) that shows the concentration available on Icd display.
The withdrawal of the ozone mixture is through the “check valve”. This device is patented (N. 2015u00004) and guarantees, when drawing ozone from the generator, a real sterility.
The check valve protects the operator from any medical-legal issues. Any syringe may be used for ozone withdrawal and may also be used to eliminate the residual ozone in the syringe without dispersing it and therefore pollute.

  • Automatic standby mode when generator is unutilized for more than 30 minutes
  • Automatic shutdown in case of temperature rise (prevention of damage/fire)
  • Supplied with a two-stage automatic pressure reducer for cylinders
  • All the materials used are ozone resistant