Ozone Therapy

Oxygen Ozone Therapy: the equipment of Medica Srl

The new range of equipment for the production of Medical-grade Ozone – Ozonline International enables the combination of ease of use and high technology to ensure accuracy and safety in healthcare.

Our generators are

  • built with high quality features, with non-toxic, inert and ozone-resistant materials.
  • KIWA CERMET quality certified and compliant with the Ministry of Health directives.
  • Featuring a digital differential PHOTOMETER controlled by iodometric titration with

    • Declaration issued by Siena University – General Physiology Institute – Chemistry Department
    • Testing report of the Department of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Turin.
  • Featuring a “check valve”, a new patented ozone collection system with blister-packed single-use sterile device to ensure maximum sterility when collecting gas mixtures.