Medica Srl – Ozone Therapy – Colon Hydrotherapy

Medical equipment that combine high technology and ease of use.

The Company

Medica srl has been a market player since 1974. The company – operating in Bologna (Via Sante Vincenzi, 48 – tel. 051-308508) specialises in the manufacturing and marketing of biomedical equipment for Ozone Therapy. The main objective of the company is to deliver cutting edge equipment in line with the increasingly specialised requirements of the industry. A further strength of Medica srl is its equipment assistance and repair division.

Indeed, the assistance service offers emergency service options and the possibility of using substitute equipment while yours is being repaired; this ensures the uninterrupted delivery of therapies already scheduled with the patient.
Medica participates in all major trade conferences and organises practical Courses.

Scientific articles

Our devices is mentioned in the following articles of “Journal of Biological Regulators & Homeostatic Agents, Book 34, No.4 (supplement 1) July – August 2020 – Special Issue on Ozone Therapy”, published on PubMed.